Data rich reports

What’s included in the report?

Property Information

Depending on the various available information, you can review basic property details including; when the home was built, when it sold last, size of the home and much more.

Average Income

Compare the local income averages to those of the County, State and Country. 

Average Temperatures

Be informed of the kinds of weather you can expect in the area of this home.

Local Information

See what schools are nearby plus the closer cities and zip codes.


Extensive damage could result from a severe weather system that produced hail. TRUEFAX reports the number of days for hail activity at the location over the past 5 years.  Also, the maximum size of hail is notated.


Although it might not seem like winds can cause much damage to a home or a roof, high gusts of wind can cause the roofing materials to lift and break the seal of the shingle which then allows water to get in.


Even a remote lightning strike can affect a home and cause damaging issues. While some of these may not be immediately obvious, the damage can show up months or even years later. TRUEFAX helps you know if the home has been subjected to lightning during the previous 5 years.

Confidence in truth…before you buy!