Damage Reports

         Myths vs. Facts

Storm damage to homes

What does the TRUEFAX report show?

Every report contains important information that can impact your decision about a home purchase. TRUEFAX checks for past storm activity including: Hail, High Winds and Lightning. Also included in the report are some basic demographic statistics and home information.

Can't I just use a Home Inspector report or a Seller's Disclosure?

While both of these documents are very important in moving forward with a home purchase, they are not always completely comprehensive of all damage that may exist. A disclosure relays what the homeowner knows, an inspection explains what the inspector discovered, but other hidden issues could be the result of severe weather.

If I have already had the house inspected, why should I hire a specialist?

Training and licensing varies state-by-state and not all home inspectors are trained to recognize sometimes subtle damage that might be present. TRUEFAX reports help guide you in the right direction for having a professional inspect your home for particular conditions that might have been jeopardized.

What can I do with my TRUEFAX report after purchasing it?

We provide you with an online version of your report and email you an automatically generated PDF file. Optionally, you can then email the report to Realtors, Inspectors, Sellers, Insurance companies – or whoever else needs to see the report.

What does it mean if none of the weather categories show any activity?

That’s great! It means there has not been any recorded severe weather that might have affected your property. However, that does not mean you are guaranteed to have a damage-free home. Storms can develop very quickly and then can end just as quickly. Sometimes the storm may end before they are even detected by radars or other weather monitoring systems.


MYTH - If a home I’m interested in buying had a 50 year roof installed 4 years ago - I still have a solid roof for the next 46 years.

FACT – In actuality, there could ALREADY be damage. Roofing material is designed to withstand “normal conditions.” However,  2-4” hail hitting your roof at 90 MPH is NOT normal conditions. You could have a very rugged roof system installed and if a solid object going 90 MPH hits it, there is going to be damage! Some roof types are more susceptible to the elements than others, but no roof is immune to damage.

MYTH - The roof was inspected just last year, I should be good to go...right?

Fact – Not so fast. Storms happen at all hours and throughout the year. Depending on the homes location, the likelihood of damage may be low, but it is still wise to have everything checked out. A year is a long time in which many storms could have occured.

MYTH - My husband got up on the roof, and HE didn’t see anything wrong.

Fact – There is a reason people become professional tradesmen. It is even possible for one roofer or adjuster to miss damage that another may detect. It is always best to have the most thorough inspection done. 

MYTH - We don’t see any sign of problems inside the house, so the roof must be ok.

Fact – Sometimes it could take weeks or even months for water to work it’s way in to the ceilings and walls. By then, your problem is much bigger than just a damaged shingle or two. Electrical issues may be disguised as well, although the damage has already been done. 

MYTH - Our shingles do not show any signs of roof damage.

Fact – A common misconception is that only shingles with deep divots or visible abnormalities can cause further problems. In truth, once a seal is broken underneath a shingle, the water can leak in to the house. This subtle damage would not be easy to see and a trained professional needs to be hired to do a thorough inspection.

MYTH - Our house has never been directly struck by lightning.

FACT – Lightning strikes poles and lines often. Even when a strike is miles away, the incredible electrical surge can directly affect your property including any appliances and other electrical devices that are plugged in.

MYTH - We had a power outage but everything seems to be working fine now.

FACT – There have been reports of appliances failing following several months of a power outage or strong surge. Sometimes the damage has been done to components within appliances etc. but they continue to operate normally until those damaged components eventually fail.

Confidence in truth…before you buy!