About Us

What makes us so special?

Why do we Exist?

To ensure you have critical weather history for a home to help make you safe, smart and educated. That is our mission!

What is TRUEFAX.com?

The patent-pending TRUEFAX™ report is intended to give you basic demographic information, as well as, notify you of any severe weather that might have happened at the home. With this information you can judge what additional (if any) inspections need to be done.

Property Summaries

This basic information is generally what is listed in the county tax records. Counties vary in the amount of information they present, so not all records will be similar. This data is kept up to date within 30 days and is pulled directly form the county databases.

Weather Reports

We display the weather activity for the address you have entered. The past weather history is tracked for 5 years and is broken down to Hail (and the largest size) Wind (and the highest gust speed) and Lightning activity. Some severe weather may have occurred after the home was inspected, so it is possible there could be new damage not previously found. For this reason, pay close attention to dates of activity.

 Data API’s

Dynamic delivery of large quantities of data is available upon request and with prior consent.

What makes us Unique?

TRUEFAX strives to be the leading source of Storm History Reporting for buyers and sellers of homes. TRUEFAX has the most comprehensive storm history database available in North America.

The Back-end process

Where our data comes from

We accumulate and compile reporting data from various sources Including, but not limited to: National Weather Service (“NWS”), the Storm Prediction Center (“SPC”), the National Climatic Data Center (“NCDC”), internet sources, and live witness resources. This report represents the most accurate representation for storm activity based upon such resources. Although extra steps have been taken to ensure the accuracy of these reports, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information being provided, nor can we be held responsible for inaccurate data that we receive, including errors in the reporting sources, the sources’ equipment, or the accuracy of their information. 


We have a patented process by which we analyze the elements of a storm and break down not only the size of hail but the intensity by which it fell. This is geo-referenced on a map for ease of analyzation.

Any comments and its metadata are retained indefinitely. This is so we can recognize and approve any follow-up comments automatically instead of holding them in queue.

All users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time.

What People are Saying

“I guess I have been operating in large assumptions for many years. I have bought and sold a few houses but never fully understood how the insurance process works. I did not know that preexisting damage could become MY responsibility if it had not been taken care of previously. Thank goodness I ran a TRUEFAX™ report to find out if I was at risk. I was! And since I discovered it, I had extra inspections done beyond the regular home inspector. Thankfully, I was able to get everything handled in advance and move in on time.”

Phillip B.

“I was hours away from putting an offer on a house but then I ran a TRUEFAX™ report and found out there was a lot of storms that had passed over this house. Some storms had hail, but it was hard to see the damage from the ground. I had a professional inspection done and found out it was in bad shape. I would have been stuck with a huge bill before I was finished moving my boxes in. Thank you TRUEFAX™ team!”

Mary W.

“My husband and I have been buying houses to refurbish and then sell for several years. Sometimes we are forced to move quickly on a sale due to its price and interest from other prospective buyers. A few times, we had to make offers sight-unseen. After getting a great deal on this one house, we later found out that it needed a whole roof replaced, and whatever money we were planning to make on the flip, was all put in to the repairs…and then some. Wished we knew about TRUEFAX™ before this happened. Now we will order a report every time!”

Julie O.

Confidence in truth…before you buy!